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Netaji Subhas Administrative Training Institute
Government of West Bengal

Training on West Bengal Right to Public Services Act


Delivery   of   public   services   is   important   for   the   well-being   of   citizens,   particularly   the   poorer   section   of the   society,   who   depends   more   on   such   services.   Hence   improving   delivery   of   services   to   satisfy   the citizen   is   an   important   responsibility   of   the   Government.   The   West   Bengal   Right   to   Public   Services   Act 2013 was enacted by the Government of West Bengal on 27/09/2013 to   ensure delivery of services. Ever   since   the   Act   has   been   promulgated,   ATI,   West   Bengal   has   played   an   important   role   in   organizing training   programmes   for   various   categories   of   officials   empowered   under   the   Act   to   deliver   public services.   The   Consumer   Affairs   Department   of   Government   of   West   Bengal   is         the   nodal   department for   implementation   of   the   West   Bengal   Right   to   Public   Services   Act   2013         and   ATI   WB   is   nodal organization    to    impart    training    funded    by    Consumer    Affairs    Department,    Government    of    West Bengal.    ATI    West    Bengal    on    a    larger    canvas    supplements    efforts    of    various            Departments    in enlightening   rights   of   citizens   for   a   public   service,   by   implementing   the   project:      ‘Capacity   Building   on WBRTPS    Act    2013    under    Intensive    Training    Programme        –        Training        for        All’        funded    by    the Department    of    Personnel    &    Training,    Government    of    India,    covering    30,400    officials    of    various Departments whose services are notified.