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Comprehensive Online Modified Modules for

Induction Training


Induction    Training    played    an    important    role    in    preparing    new    entrants    to    the    Government    for fulfilling   their   responsibilities   and   citizen-centricity.   For   furthering   this,   DoPT   has   come   up   with         an initiative    of    Blended    Training    Programme    called    ‘Comprehensive    Online    Modified    Modules    for Induction   Training’   (COMMIT),   to   cater   more   frontline   functionaries   of   the   State   Government.   The blended   course   will   allow   trainee   officers   to   avail   advantage   of   the   flexibility         and   convenience   of   an online    course,    while    retaining    benefits    of    face-to-face    classroom    experience.    COMMIT    will    be strategically   aligned   with   the   mission   and   goals   of   the   12-   day   ITP   to   develop   skills   and   attitude towards   improving   service   delivery,   keeping   the   citizen   at   the   core.   ATI   in   collaboration   with   DoPT   is piloting this project in the State.