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Netaji Subhas Administrative Training Institute
Government of West Bengal

About Organization

Administrative    Training    Institute    (ATI)    was    set    up    in    1981    with    a    vision    to provide   quality            training   to   officers   of   All   India   Civil   Services   and   State   Civil Services,     along     with     other     constituted     State     Service     Cadres     and     State Government   departments.   Training   programmes   are                        also   conducted   for elected   representatives   of   Panchayat   and   Municipal   bodies   as   well   as   NGOs.           The   programmes   cover   induction   level   and   functional   training   for   officials   of different    service    cadres    and    departments    and    covers    subjects    like    public          administration,   financial   management,   economic   development,   management development,      trainer      development,      information      technology,      disaster management    and    urban    management.    Well-designed    and    comprehensive training   courses   put   emphasis   on   interactive   and   participatory   approach.   Over the years ATI has emerged as one of the leading training institutes in India.