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Netaji Subhas Administrative Training Institute
Government of West Bengal
IT and e-Governance

Regular computer courses

MS-Word:   Introduction,   Basic   typing,   formatting,   cut,   copy   and   paste,   format   painter,   find,         replace,   margins   and printing, header and footer, working with tables, Mail Merge, end note and footnote, spelling and Grammar. MS-Excel:   Introduction,   Basic   operations,   basic   calculation,   various   functions,   chart,   conditional   formatting,   sort, filter, printing MS-Access: Introduction, ER Diagrams, Normalization, Tables, Relationship, Forms, Reports and Macro Internet:    Basic    networking    and    internet    concept,    browsing    through    internet    explorer    and    search            engine concept,   email   and   protection,   concept   of   social   networking   site,   uploading   files   and            sharing   files   and   other utilities   of   internet   Web         Design:   Basic   HTML,   Web-page   design   through   designer   software,   use   Pagebreeze software