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Netaji Subhas Administrative Training Institute
Government of West Bengal
IT and e-Governance


ATI    developed    a    Training    Management    Information    System    (TMIS)    for    management    of    training      courses    that    include    online    dynamic    training    calendar,    online    submission    and    acceptance    of nomination,   inclusion   of   need   based   training   programmes,   rescheduling   of   training   programmes, allocation   of   training   slots   and   other   support   facilities,   monitoring   completion   of   training         program and   submission   of   return   to   sponsoring   agency.   This   was   a   big   achievement   and   ATI,   West   Bengal   was awarded   by   DoPT,   Government   of   India   at   Vigyan   Bhavan   on   28/05/2016   for   Excellence   in   Training under    ‘Use    of    Technology’    category    and    for    bringing    innovation    in    Training    for    ATI    Training Management Information System.