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Netaji Subhas Administrative Training Institute
Government of West Bengal

ISO Certification

ATI   achieved   ISO   9001:2008   certification   in   2015   and   the   Institute   successfully   maintained   the         ISO status   till   expiry   of   the   license   of   2008   version.   Immediately   after   expiry   of   this   license,   the      Institute     took   initiative   to   upgrade   the   license   to   2015   version   to   maintain   quality   policy   of   the      Institute.   The quality    in    conducting    training    programmes    for    various    clients    and    carrying    out            activities    of embedded   centers   and   maintenance   and   improvement   of   campus   environment   and   infrastructure of   internal   capacity   were   looked   into.   Each   section   of   the   Institute   successfully   qualified   all   audit parameters   of   the   renewal   and   upgradation   audit   conducted   by   the   Bureau   of   Indian   Standard.   The Institute finally achieved the ISO 9001:2015 status w.e.f. 11th December 2018.