Welcome The Administrative Training Institute has been entrusted to conduct the Half Yearly Departmental  Examination vide Notification No 28-PAR (Trg.)/HR/O/3T-65/09, Dated 27th January' 2012, of P&AR  Department, Training Cell. Since May, 2012 ATI is conducting the Half Yearly Departmental Examination for  IAS & WBCS (Exe.) officers. The Institute has introduced online submission of applications and  subsequent announcements of eligible candidates with roll nos, examination schedule and ultimelly  result of the candidates in ATI website to facilitate e-governance. The last Half Yearly Departmental  Examination held from 28th to 31st May, 2019 and the result has been uploaded in our website in    the month of August, 2019. The next half yearly departmental examination will be held from 23rd   December, 2019. Receiving of on-line applications from the intending officers will start from 23.09.2019  at 3.00 p.m. The last date for submission of on-line application is 23.11.2019 (till 3.00 p.m.)     Announcement Result of Half Yarly Departmental Examination December, 2019 < © Copyright Administrative Training Institute, Government of WB , 2012. All Rights Reserved. ATI - West Bengal Departmental Examination Cell