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Nomination Active Course ID Programme Name Sector Category Location START DATE END DATE Type Course Director Status
No ADHJC18190001 Training on COMMIT FUNCTIONAL TRAINING GOI-Project ATI 05/04/2018 05/04/2018 Non-Residential ADHJC Conducted
No ADHJC18190002 Ten-Week State Attachment Component under the Level-D Training Programme for Cen ... SECRETARIAT TRAINING GOI-DOPT ATI 09/04/2018 15/06/2018 Residential ADHJC Conducted
No ADHJC18190003 Ten-Week State Attachment Component under the Level-D Training Programme for Cen ... SECRETARIAT TRAINING GOI-DOPT ATI 03/05/2018 07/07/2018 Residential ADHJC Conducted
No ADHJC18190004 Training Course on "Public Private Partnership" of the Indian Forest Service Off ... PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP GOI ATI 21/05/2018 25/05/2018 Residential ADHJC Conducted
No APD18190001 DRR & Sustainable Development (RTC Alipurduar) DISASTER MANAGEMENT GOI-DOPT ALIPOREDUAR 21/05/2018 23/05/2018 Non-Residential ALIPOREDUAR Proposed
No APD18190002 Trg on eGov with case study & best practices(Gov Process Re-engineering & Change ... INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GOI-DOPT ALIPOREDUAR 20/06/2018 22/06/2018 Non-Residential ALIPOREDUAR Proposed
No APD18190003 Training on eOffice (RTC Alipurduar) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GOI-DOPT ALIPOREDUAR 06/08/2018 08/08/2018 Non-Residential ALIPOREDUAR Proposed
No APGG2018-JIT Joint Induction Training for WBCS(Exe.) & Other Allied Service Officers (selecte ... INDUCTION TRAINING State ATI 16/04/2018 11/05/2018 Residential APGG Conducted
No ATI18190006 Purchase Procedure in Government FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT GOI-DOPT ATI 27/06/2018 29/06/2018 Residential ADG Conducted
No ATI18190009 Combatting Women Harassment in Working Place FUNCTIONAL TRAINING GOI-DOPT ATI 04/07/2018 06/07/2018 Residential GHK Conducted
No ATI18190022 Experiential Learning Tools (GoI) TRAINER DEVELOPMENT GOI-DOPT ATI 21/05/2018 25/05/2018 Residential JDMM Conducted
No ATI18190023 Direct Trainer Skills (GoI) TRAINER DEVELOPMENT GOI-DOPT ATI 18/06/2018 22/06/2018 Residential JDMM Conducted
No ATI18190024 Design of Training (GoI) TRAINER DEVELOPMENT GOI-DOPT ATI 25/06/2018 29/06/2018 Residential JDMM Conducted
No ATI18190025 Management of Training (GoI) TRAINER DEVELOPMENT GOI-DOPT ATI 23/07/2018 27/07/2018 Residential JDMM Scheduled
No ATIAD1718342 Induction Training for LDA SECRETARIAT TRAINING State ATI 02/04/2018 06/04/2018 Non-Residential ADAS Conducted
No ATIADAS1819344 Refresher Training of UDAs/ HAs SECRETARIAT TRAINING State ATI 23/04/2018 27/04/2018 Non-Residential ADAS Conducted
No ATIADAS1819345 Training of Newly Appointed Assistant Secretaries SECRETARIAT TRAINING State ATI 14/05/2018 18/05/2018 Non-Residential ADAS Conducted
Yes ATIADAS1819346 Training Programme for OSD/Spl. Officer SECRETARIAT TRAINING State ATI 28/05/2018 01/06/2018 Non-Residential ADAS Scheduled
0 ATIADAS1819347 Induction Training for Deputy Secretary SECRETARIAT TRAINING State ATI 11/06/2018 15/06/2018 Non-Residential ADAS Scheduled
Yes ATIADAS1819348 Induction Training for SO SECRETARIAT TRAINING State ATI 25/06/2018 29/06/2018 Non-Residential ADAS Scheduled
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