Course ID Programme Name Sector Category Location START DATE END DATE Type Course Director Status
ATI16170001 UM-NULM-22 URBAN MANAGEMENT Sponsored ATI 04/04/2016 06/04/2016 Residential APUMC Conducted
ATI16170073 Office Procedure for Gr. C Officials of Directorate SECRETARIAT TRAINING GOI-DOPT ATI 04/04/2016 06/04/2016 Residential GHK Conducted
ATI16170003 Administrative Vigilance for Sectt SECRETARIAT TRAINING State ATI 05/04/2016 07/04/2016 Residential GHK Cancel
ATI16170006 Workshop on All India Survey on Educational Administration SCHOOL EDUCATION Sponsored ATI 18/04/2016 18/04/2016 Residential GHK Conducted
ATI16170004 UM-NULM-23 URBAN MANAGEMENT Sponsored ATI 18/04/2016 20/04/2016 Residential APUMC Conducted
ATI16170002 Professional Training for WBCTS Officers of 2013 Batch FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Sponsored ATI 04/04/2016 22/04/2016 Residential JDMM Conducted
ATI16170007 UM-NULM-24 URBAN MANAGEMENT Sponsored ATI 21/04/2016 23/04/2016 Residential APUMC Conducted
ATI16170008 Training Program on Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture (CMSA) & Integrate More ... FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Sponsored ATI 26/04/2016 27/04/2016 Residential JDMM Conducted
ATI16170010 Workshop on RTI Act for the Nodal Officers of all Government Departments RIGHT TO INFORMATION GOI-Project ATI 27/04/2016 27/04/2016 Non-Residential APGG Conducted
ATI16170011 Workshop on RTI Act for the Nodal Officers of all Government Departments RIGHT TO INFORMATION GOI-Project ATI 28/04/2016 28/04/2016 Non-Residential APGG Conducted
ATI16170009 UM-NULM-25 URBAN MANAGEMENT Sponsored ATI 27/04/2016 29/04/2016 Residential APUMC Conducted
ATI16170072 Administrative Vigilance for Officials of WBPDCL FUNCTIONAL TRAINING SPONSORED ATI 26/04/2016 29/04/2016 Residential GHK Conducted
ATI16170005 Induction Level Training of Agriculture Department INDUCTION TRAINING Sponsored ATI 18/04/2016 30/04/2016 Residential JDMM Conducted
ATI16170012 UM-NULM-26 URBAN MANAGEMENT Sponsored ATI 02/05/2016 04/05/2016 Residential APUMC Conducted
ATI16170013 Basic Level Computer Course INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Sponsored ATI 02/05/2016 06/05/2016 Non-residential APOIT Conducted
ATIGHK00022 Workshop on Service Matters for School Teachers SCHOOL EDUCATION Sponsored ATI 04/05/2016 06/05/2016 Non-Residential GHK Conducted
ATI16170016 UM-NULM-27 URBAN MANAGEMENT Sponsored ATI 05/05/2016 07/05/2016 Residential APUMC Conducted
ATIJDMM0013 Implementation of Anandadhara AAP & Budget 2016-17 FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Sponsored ATI 09/05/2016 10/05/2016 Residential JDMM Conducted
ATI16170017 UM-NULM-28 URBAN MANAGEMENT Sponsored ATI 09/05/2016 11/05/2016 Residential APUMC Conducted
ATIGHK00023 Workshop on Streamlining the Management of School SCHOOL EDUCATION Sponsored ATI 10/05/2016 12/05/2016 Non-Residential GHK Conducted
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